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Whole School Evaluation - Management Leadership and Learning 2013

In September 2013 the Sacred Heart School under went a Whole School Evaluation (WSE) examining Management, Leadership and Learning (MLL) at the Sacred heart School. The WSE MLL is a routine examination of secondary schools which was conducted by the Department of Education Inspectorate. In accordance with procedures, once completed, a WSE report is published. 
The findings of the report are very positive and affirm the good teaching and learning activities underway at the Sacred Heart School as well as the recognition of the schools commitment to student care and development.

We invite you to read this report which can be accessed here.

Canteen Facilities
The Sacred heart School has a fully equipped canteen facility. The canteen provides hot meals at a very reasonable rate. First year students are allowed to leave class 5 minutes early in order to make their way to the canteen ahead of other year groups.

Sports Facilities
The SHS caters to a wide variety of sporting and athletic needs. The school has a GYM Hall, as well as a soccer/ Gaelic training pitch. There is also an onsite tennis court and the school grounds are conducive to orienteering and other activities. 
A wide range of sports are catered for and lunchtime activities include dodge ball and tag rugby as well as training events for Gaelic football, soccer, athletics, cross country activities, basketball, badminton as well as many other sports. 

First Year Competitions
First year students have enjoyed success in the 2013-2014 FUTSAL finals read more here. As well as soccer first year competitions are ongoing for all sports throughout the school year. We actively encourage students to partake in extra curricular sporting activities.

All first years are mentored in their first days at the SHS. Students are assigned a mentor who has received training in the leadership and mentoring of fellow students. These senior students are an added layer of help and support for first years as they make their transition to secondary school. The mentoring system is a valuable asset to first year students and meetings between first year Students and their mentors are frequent held in the early weeks and throughout the students first year.

Getting to Know the School
Change can be daunting for students. Among the changes students will experience is the introduction to a new campus. The SHS campus is likely to be much larger than the school campus students are accustomed to. With this in mind quite some time is devoted to showing students around the school and helping them feel at home. First year students remain in their own area and have their own classroom. First year students will receive most of their lessons in. Students generally leave their home classrooms to go to specialist subject rooms such as science or home economics.  their home classroom.
On the first days of school special care is taken to show students their own area, specialist rooms, canteen facilities and sporting facilities. On the first day of school, and for sometime after this, students are guided through the school on a tour basis by their mentors and later by teachers of specialist subjects as students leave their home rooms for specialist areas. From previous years it has been found that any anxiety regarding finding their way around their new school is quickly dispelled once students have been guided around the school on a number of occasions. 
Students can get a feel for the campus by viewing our school map here.