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Guidance Counsellor at the Sacred Heart School
The Sacred Heart School Guidance Counsellor is Mr John Coyle. Mr Coyle has considerable experience in the field of Guidance and Counselling. He can be contacted at the SHS via the school office should Parents/ Guardians wish to discuss Careers and Guidance.

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Scholarship Links
Be sure to check out the scholarships that are available at the various third level institutions. Inquire via the guidance counsellor if you ar interested in pursuing a scholarship. A partial list of these can be viewed on the downloads page. Click here for details. Note the list is not exhaustive.

Career Guidance News
Study and Careers resources are now available on our Downloads page.
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  • Video links for CAO
  • H-PAT Information
  • Study Timetable
  • Tips for Study success for students and parents
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Career Guidance Notes

The 1st deadline for CAO applications is the 1st February. Most 6th year students have registered with CAO and begun their application. The cost of registering rises from €25 to €40 euro after the 20th January so students are advised to register now to save money and ease the pressure after Christmas.

Course choices can be changed as often as desired up until the 1st of February. The choices on the form at that date will be taken by CAO on this date. Students may change their mind during February for a fee of €10 and for free between the 5th May and 1st of July to a non-restricted course (a course not requiring an aptitude test, interview, portfolio etc.)

The closing date for the UCAS system covering the UK and Northern Ireland is the 15th January. Students wishing to apply here must submit a personal statement or entrance essay.

The student grant system (SUSI) will open in May but if a student is eligible for a grant then they may also apply for the HEAR scheme, which is accessible online through the CAO form. This form is self explanatory and generates a list of documentation that must be supplied to the CAO by the 1st April. Details on this is given to students and is also available on

I am meeting students individually throughout the year and if you have any queries, do not hesitate to contact the school.

Mr John Coyle Guidance Counsellor

Irrespective of this, all students are strongly recommended to have three courses chosen - informed by thorough research and confirmed interest - by the January discount deadline. They should then enter them on the form in a strict order of preference i.e. number 1 on the list is their top choice, number 2 is the course they would very happy to get if they don’t get number 1 and number 3 being the course they would also be happy to get if they didn’t get number 2 and so on down the list as far as choice 10.

Having made those considered choices and putting them down on the application form in a strict order of preference as outlined above this will serve to free up time after Christmas to focus on study for both the mock and the Leaving Cert exams.

Recommended websites for doing course research are as follows:

Note: All students should also consult the actual websites of the colleges and universities in which the course they are interested in is been run.

Best of luck to all our Leaving Certificate students in 2016!

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